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Baby Update – Week 24 – November 25

November 27, 2007

It’s been a pretty quiet week on the baby front. We survived our trip to the Midwest without any problems; Debbie is still able to get around pretty easily, although I got to do all the luggage schlepping. Hopefully she’ll still be as mobile on our trip to Boston next month!

Here’s a picture of Debbie at her parent’s house in Wisconsin:


Thanksgiving in the Heartland….

November 27, 2007

We’re back! We have returned from our great midwest adventure. Thankfully we didn’t have any problems or delays on any of our flights, no problems with the rental car, no lost luggage and no screaming babies on the plane!

We spent the first part of our trip visiting our friends Dale and Jess in Minnesota. Dale and I went out to hunt a few phesants while Deb and Jess went to hunt shoes at the Mall of America. The early part of the day we were having a bit of trouble (I think the puppies were a little excited – it certainly wasn’t our shooting!) but eventually the dogs settled into their groove and we wound up with eight birds.

Upon the return of the successful hunters, we headed off to see the University of Minnesota Gophers play some hockey. Sadly, they lost to the University of Alaska, but it was entertaining to see thousands of drunk college kids chanting “you suck” and various other cheers which I can’t repeat here.

On Sunday, since we hadn’t quite gotten our fill of hockey, we went to see the Minnesota Wild take on the Colorado Avalanche. The production budget was a bit higher than the college game (We learned the lyrics to the “State of Hockey” song) and the food was a bit different than you get in San Diego (Bratwurst and deep fried cheese curds), but they managed to pull off a win. Thanks again Dale and Jess!

Here are some pictures from the Minnesota leg of our trip:


On Monday we packed up the rental car and drove from Minneapolis to Wausau, Wisconsin. Mother nature decided to cooperate and we had no problems with rain or snow (just with my pregnant wife having to pee alot!) and we made pretty good time. Most of our time in Wausau was spent relaxing and hanging out with Debbie’s family. We did a little hiking, a little shopping, watched a few movies and lots of sleeping in. Thanksgiving was rescheduled to Friday because Debbie’s niece was flying in from CA and didn’t arrive until Thursday afternoon. We had a wonderful dinner for 11 people cooked by Linda, Debbie’s mom. The only sad part was having to leave Saturday morning to go back to Minneapolis, so we didn’t get to eat any of the leftovers!

Here are some pictures from Wisconsin:

2007-11-22 Wisconsin

That’s about it. Had to get up at the crack of dawn to fly out on Sunday morning, but at least we were home by noon, in plenty of time to watch the Patriots win again!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


Baby Update – Week 23 – November 18

November 23, 2007

We’re in Minnesota and Wisconsin this week, so I’m posting this while on the road. I’ll post more details about the trip in a separate entry, and keep this one focused on the baby. Everything is going fine, and Debbie has been feeling really good lately. The baby has been kicking a lot (Debbie says it feels like she’s swimming laps – backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle…) and I can actually feel her most of the time now. Here is our picture from week 23. We took it when we were at the Minnesota Wild hockey game:


Baby Update – Week 22 – November 11

November 11, 2007

Lots of baby news this week – from other people.  Our friends Elizabeth and Joe had their baby at the end of October, so we went over last week to visit baby Nicholas to see what we were in for.  He was very cute and very tiny!  Also our other friend Elizabeth and her husband Chris had their baby on Friday, another little boy named Peter.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see them soon so we can keep practicing this parenting thing!

2007-11-06 Visiting Nicholas

On Saturday we went over to the Del Mar fairgrounds for the Harvest Festival.  It was supposed to be earlier, but was postponed because of the fires.  We managed to do some holiday shopping and get a good picture of Debbie for week 22:

On Sunday we got together with our friends Po-Ling and Pete for brunch and then went out to Torrey Pines for a little hiking.  It was raining when we got there, but it cleared up quickly and wound up being a nice hike.  Po-Ling had never been hiking at Torrey Pines (despite having lived in Del Mar for years!) and since she is moving to Australia in a month wanted to check it off her list before leaving.  Good luck down under Po-Ling!

2007-11-11 Torrey Pines

Baby Update – Week 21 – November 4

November 11, 2007

Well, we have arrived at week 21.  Most of the commotion from the fires has settled down.  Everything with mom and baby is good.  We can feel her moving around occasionally, but she’s still a little too small to kick very hard. 

Here’s a picture of Debbie at week 21:

We had some visitors from out of town last week right before the fires.  Debbie’s friend Chris Kim and her family were here, staying at the lovely Hotel del Coronado.  We went down there on Saturday to have lunch and hang out.  On Sunday we drove up to Orange County to see Debbie’s cousin Mike and his wife Denise who were staying at the Ritz Carelton while Mike was here for business.  (I think I need a new job with a better travel plan!)  Here are some photos:

2007-10-20 Friends From Out of Town

Second Ultrasound

November 4, 2007

Here are some pictures from the second ultrasound we went to on Friday.  Everything looked great!  Our ultrasound technician goofed up and we found out what the sex of the baby is (but you’ll have to talk to us to find out, it would be too easy if I just posted it on the blog!)

2007-11-02 Second Ultrasound

Happy Halloween!

November 4, 2007

A few of the scary creatures spotted around our house on Halloween:


Baby Update – Week 20 – October 29th

November 4, 2007

Ok, here is the first of a (hopefully) weekly series of updates on the baby.  (We’ll just pretend I posted this last week, OK?)  Now that we’re into our second trimester, it looks like Debbie has gotten over her morning sickness (and afternoon sickness, and evening sickness…).  We have our second ultrasound scheduled for next week, so check the blog for new pictures.

Here’s Debbie at week 20: