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Baby Update – Week 32 – January 21 2008

January 23, 2008

This week was a busy one, filled with lots of baby related activities.  We started with breast-feeding class on Monday night.  It was very informative, but talk about taking the fun out of a subject! 🙂  Then we had our usual birthing class on Thursday night.  Finally we went to infant and child CPR class on Saturday morning.  I didn’t know I didn’t know so much about having a baby!

 We did have some fun Saturday afternoon.  We went over to visit our friends Elizabeth and Joe (and JP!).  Their baby Nicholas was born about three months ago.  It’s amazing how much he’s changed in that short a time.  We spent most of the afternoon hearing about all of the impending fun we are about to experience, and no mater what we do we’ll be woefully unprepared!  Seriously, it’s been very helpful to be able to talk to someone who been through the process at the same place we’ll be having the baby at.  They’ve been giving us all of the good insider tips. 

 Sunday we spent cleaning out all of the stuff we’ve been dumping into the baby’s room for the past couple of months.  We’ve got a few more things to get, but I think we’re in pretty good shape.  (And we can always just stick her in a dresser drawer to start….kidding!)

Sunday afternoon was reserved for watching the Patriots defeat the San Diego Chargers.  Contrary to popular belief, I am still a Pats fan, so I was quite happy with the outcome.  Most of the people I work with on the other hand were quite depressed on Monday morning.  Oh well, there’s always next year!

Since we forgot to bring the camera on Saturday, I don’t have any pictures of Debbie performing CPR on the infant dummies, so I took this picture in our living room on Monday night:

Next week will be rough for Debbie since she has to go back to work.  But just 8 weeks until Spring Break!


Baby Update – Week 31 – January 13 2008

January 13, 2008

The baby is a movin’ and a shakin’.  Debbie is still on vacation, spending her days shopping and hanging out with friends.  This week’s baby class was good, but they showed us a movie of a couple giving birth that made Debbie cry.  She’s looking into hypnobirthing, but plan B of getting drugs is always a possibility! 

We spend most of this weekend watching football (Go Patriots!!!!) but did get out of the house yesterday to shop for some baby furniture and today to take a walk down to the park.  It was sunny and about 75 degrees outside.  (Sorry East Coast friends, but you always claim to love the “seasons”, so enjoy the snow!)

Here is a picture I took of Debbie at the park down the street from our house:


Baby Update – Week 30 – January 6 2008

January 13, 2008

Well, we’re three-quarters of the way there!  I keep getting warned by everyone, including total strangers, to get lots of sleep now.  So since it rained most of the weekend that’s what we did.  We did manage to get out to see a movie with our friends Teri and Tom which was fun.  We saw Charlie Wilson’s War, which turned out to be much funnier than I expected.

The other “fun” we’ve been having was starting our baby classes.  We get to go for three hours every week for the next six weeks.  The woman teaching the class is a little too new-age/hippie for my tastes, but Debbie seems to like her.  Hopefully the next few classes will provide a little more information and a little less meditation.

Otherwise not much new to report on the baby front.  Debbie has been feeling good, but she’s also been able to sleep in everyday since she’s still on vacation (lucky!)  Here’s this week’s picture.  As you can see all of the Hanumas decorations have been put away until next year.  😦

I hope everyone is having a great new year.  See you next week!


Baby Update – Week 29 – January 1 2008

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

 Ok, not much new to report since I just posted last week’s update a couple of minutes ago, but I wanted to post something.  No big celebration this year.  We were both pretty tired from our travels and both having been sick all week, so we spent a quiet evening at home and watched Shrek 3.  (Yes, we’re old).

We did meet up with Genny, Amber and the newly engaged Dawn today for lunch.  Amber and Dawn had traveled down from their respective homes up north to visit Genny on her birthday (Happy Birthday!) and since we weren’t up for their wild party plans on New Year’s Eve, we wanted to see them before they went home this afternoon.

This week’s photo is just outside our condo here.  Since it was a beautiful 70 degrees outside, we wanted to share a glimpse of the weather with all you folks in the colder climates.

We wish everyone a safe and happy new year!


Baby Update – Week 28 – December 25

January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas!  We have just returned from a week in New England visiting my family for Christmas.  We flew in on December 23rd, going through Phoenix (need to avoid those winter storms) and arriving in Boston aroung 11pm.  We spent Cristmas day at my brother Brian’s house, watching his kids enjoy the chaos (and getting a preview of what we’re in for!). The next day we drove up to Vermont to visit my grandparents and my Aunt Denise and Uncle Charlie.  The ride up was fine, but we got slammed by a snowstorm on our way back and it took us twice as long to get home.  My mom had a baby shower for us on Friday and we got lots of great stuff for the baby.  Thanks everyone!  On Saturday we met up with Debbie’s cousin Miriam and her husband Nate for dinner at their house.  It was great to meet them (and their cats!).  Thanks for the gnocchi!  On the way home we stopped by Brian’s house agan to watch the Patriots beat the Giants to go undefeated for the season.  Go Pats! Finally it was back to San Diego on Sunday.  Luckily we had a direct flight, so once again no problems with the weather.  It was nice to be back home and sleep in our bed again!

Here’s this week’s baby update picture.  It’s me and Debbie at my brother’s house on Christmas morning:

And here are the rest of the pictures from our trip:

2007-12-25 Christmas in Boston

Thanks again to everyone for the Christmas and Shower presents.  

Merry Christmas!