Treasure Discovered in San Diego!

March 8, 2008

Our beautiful daughter Sophie was born this morning.  Both baby and mother are doing great.  I will post a longer entry later describing all the details, but for now here are the key facts:

Date and Time: Born at 8:08 am on 3/8/08 

Name: Sophia Takara (We’ll call her Sophie.)

The story behind the names:  In Jewish tradition you can name a child to honor someone who has passed on by using either the whole name or the initial.  Debbie’s grandmother was Sophie.  My mother’s father was Thomas, so we took the “T” and found Takara.  Takara is a Japanese name which also means “Treasure” (For those of you who don’t know Debbie spent three years teaching in Japan)

Weight: 6 pounds 4 ounces

Length: 19 inches

Here is an album with pictures so far.  I apologize for the quality but figured speed was more important than editing.

2008-03-08 Sophie

Keep watching this space for more updates!

(p.s. I apologize for how long this post took.  I was planning on live blogging the birth but Debbie said no. 😉  Seriously I was going to post from the hospital since they have wi-fi, but wouldn’t you know my laptop crashed on the one day I needed to use it outside the house.  Oh well, if that’s the worst problem we had all day we’re pretty lucky) 


  1. MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MAZEL TOV?????????

  3. Congratulations you two (I mean, three!!)!! She’s gorgeous!! I can’t wait to meet little Sophie! I am so happy for the both of you– I have to say, when I was looking through your pictures, tears came to my eyes :). She’s breathtaking!! Hopefully I’ll have a friend for Sophie to play with soon enough.

    You guys can start planning your Disney World trip at any time *hint, hint*!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Sophie!

  4. Hey there!!! She is beautiful!!! I don’t think she looks like a Sharp baby though! I think she is gonna look like Mom! I hope everyone is doing well… I’m sure your all pretty tired 🙂 Congrats!

  5. Congrats again you guys! You did an AMAZING job! She is certainly the BEST treasure every found 🙂 I am still so excited about her birth..and thank God that she is healthy and Mom is doing great! What an amazing gift. Obviously, you know this…but if you need anything..you can call us anytime. Give that little girl kisses from the LaGreca’s!

  6. She is absolutely precious! I love the middle name and the history behind it. We were thrilled to get the news about her arrival and we appreciate the pictures and the little movies! What an angel…..take care and enjoy these first few days with her. They are so special and go by so fast! Can’t wait to get my hands on her.

  7. How adorabale!! She is absolutely precious! I’m glad everything went well, congrats! Can’t wait to meet her some day!

  8. She is a lucky little girl to be blessed with you two as parents.
    Now, go out to dinner so I can babysit.

  9. Congratulations you guys! Sophie is a dream! She is so beautiful…I could just squeeze her. 🙂

    Okay…but, whattup with being a smidgen early?! Didn’t she know…tha Mom still had some stuff to do at work?! 🙂

    Have fun with Sophie!

  10. Hey you three!! Happy belated birthday to the new family member – she is sooo cute. Hopefully we will see her soon to show her the second family. Congratulations to the proud parents, we’re sure you’ll do your job very well. We have a niece – jippie.
    A lot of hugs and kisses to all of you out of Dossenheim

  11. I just saw the pictures ! She is gorgeous ! I think that she looks like Debbie, but I do not know Kevin. Everything is fine at school. I know that you are really thrilled to have her at last and that you will enjoy being parents ! Congratulations !!!!!

  12. Congrats you guys! She is so amazing. I got tears in my eyes with the video. She was just so new to the world. It was hilarious because she was like, “Hey! I’m a kid, I don’t like baths. I’m cold! Cover me up!”

    We wanted to make sure you knew that we are so happy for you and cannot wait to meet her! Please call when you are settled in! Miss you Debbie!

  13. We are so excited for you and the arrival of your new angel! She is beautiful. You are all in our prayers for the wonderful journey ahead.
    The Leipheimers in Japan

  14. Debbie and Kevin…
    Congrats!!! We are so excited for you! What a beautiful and happy family. We love her name…and she is so tiny and cute! I can not wait to meet her and hear all about her. Time does fly…so enjoy your little miracle…even at 3am…just look at her hungry little body and smile:) And..pictures, pictures, pictures for all those friends too far to visit often!!! Miss you! Love, Jackie, Pete and Jackson (possibly Sophie’s future hubby:)

  15. OMG…..she’s beautiful just like her mama. have fun with her and always remember to spend all the time you can with her. Congrats to you both. Like I said before, you guys will be the best parents ever. I will always be here if you need to me Deb.. I miss you so much. Send me pictures ok? Give her kisses for me ok?…

  16. What wonderful news! It is time to start the next stage in your lives. I knew 6 years ago, in Japan, when I first met you, that you were meant to be a mother. Your time has come and I know you will love every minute of it!
    We love you guys! Jeff, Shanda, Tanner and Tucker

  17. Hi Debbie,
    Oh MY God, Please e-mail me. Yes it is really me.
    Congratulations. I still own Kids at Work. I’m Catholic now. Oh My God. Please e-mail. I’m so happy for you.

    Love, Mrs. Coyle
    Kids at Work
    908 859-4735

  18. How very great!!! Debbie, I’m very happy for you, Kevin, and Sophie. Please pass along my regards to your mom and dad. Sleep, when you get a chance, sleep!
    Beth 🙂

  19. She is so beautiful and I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing with us. Tell your parents we said hello and we wish you the best of luck with your new addition.
    Rachel & Rob Edinger

  20. Congratulations! Your baby is Beautiful:)

  21. Debbie, I am so happy for you and Kevin. I miss you and hope you are all doing well. Happy Birthday (a little early) I couldn’t think of a better birthday present. I love you!!!

  22. She is beautiful.

  23. Debbie,

    I’m so happy for you. We were best friends from before I can remember. Although we have been apart for so many years, I still feel very close to you. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You are a great person and a great friend. Enjoy every minute of your new family and please keep in touch.



  24. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and she is beautiful! ENJOY!! Love, Leanne & Ryan

  25. Kevin and Debbie

    We are so excited to welcome Sophie into our family and into the world! Words cannot express how happy we are knowing you have such a wonderful love for each other and can now share that love with Sophie! I’m sure she is perfect and we cannot wait to meet her!

  26. Debbie, I am so happy for you! I love hearing about all the amazing life events that have happened for you since you left Japan!
    Love, Alicia

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