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Fun pictures

May 29, 2008

Here are some fun pictures.
This is my new hiding space, no one else is allowed.

Well, except for mama, but that’s it!

Deb showing off her sleek new haircut.

Me and Daddy sleeping out on the sofa so mama can sleep in.


Teri and Tom Visit

May 28, 2008

Our good friends Teri and Tom came down for a visit. They got a chance to see Sophie’s new room and spend a little time getting to know our little bundle of joy better:

They had originally proposed going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, but we decided Sophie isn’t quite ready for grown up movies yet, so we decided to just go to lunch. So we headed out for a nice afternoon at California Pizza Kitchen:

And Sophie got a chance to get to know their puppy Amya up close and personal. And I think she decided she doesn’t like to be licked!

Here is a link to the rest of the photos:

Teri and Tom Visit

Childbirth Prep Class Reunion

May 28, 2008

On May 18th we got together for a little reunion with all of the folks that were in our childbirth preparation class. It was very interesting to see all of the new babies and hear all of the different stories of what all of the mom’s went through. It’s interesting to talk to other people who are at the exact same point in the process you are, and to see that everyone has their own unique challenges.

Speaking of unique challenges, of course we needed to get a group photo. We lined up all of the little bundles of joy on the sofa, and amazingly they all stayed there peacefully for a good ten minutes or more without crying. Here is the final shot:

And here is a link to the full album:

2008-05-18 Childbirth Prep Class Reunion

Happy Mothers Day!

May 27, 2008

Thanks to the timely arrival of Sophie Debbie got to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. After a full night’s sleep (thanks to her wonderful husband getting up with the baby all night) and a delicious breakfast (cooked by her talented husband) we decided to go down to Mission Bay to break in her Mother’s Day present, a new BOB jogging stroller (given to her by her thoughtful husband). It was a beautiful sunny day and it was fun to walk around watching the people having their picnics and getting their kites caught in the palm trees.

Here’s Debbie giving Sophie a little lunch with her new stroller:

This is also the week Sophie learned how to really smile:

This was also the week we went to the pediatrician for Sophie’s two-month checkup. She weighed in at 9 pounds 7 ounces and everything else checked out a-ok! The trauma came of course when it was time for the shots (the trauma for mommy of course, not for Sophie). She got two shots in each leg, and was not at all happy when it happened, but she recovered in a couple of minutes and was fine. Debbie took a little longer to recover!

I’ll leave you with some of the outtakes from our photo sessions from the last couple of weeks. We’ve been trying to get a good pictures for Sophie’s birth announcement. We finally did get a good one (I’ll post it here after we send them out) but some of these other ones are too entertaining not to share. Enjoy!

Here’s the link to the full album:

2008-05-11 Mother’s Day

Dawn and John and Genny Visit

May 21, 2008

On May 3rd our friends Dawn and John came down from LA to visit us and meet Sophie. Our friend Genny also came over and we all had lunch and hung out for the afternoon. (Quick recap: Dawn, Genny and Amber all used to be roommates here in San Diego back in the old days when we all met) It was great to see everyone again, especially now that Dawn lives up in LA.

Here are some pics from their visit:

2008-05-03 Dawn & John & Genny

Thanks again for lunch and the cool presents for Sophie!


April Leftovers

May 12, 2008

Here are a few leftover April pictures that never made it into other postings.

This is from when we went down to Seaport Village with my mother while she was here meeting her granddaughter:

This one is from the first time we broke out the full size baby bathtub to give Sophie a bath. As you can tell she did not really enjoy the experience:

And here are just some random cute Sophie pictures:


MS Walk 2008

May 12, 2008

On April 26 we participated in the MS Walk at NTC Park in San Diego. This is the sixth year in a row we have walked and to date we have raised over $40,000!

I will admit to getting off to a very late start this year (like the day before the walk!) , but we did manage to field a small but enthusiastic team of walkers. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day as we walked around what was formerly the Naval Training Center, now a housing development known as Liberty Station. There were about 4,300 walkers who collectively have raised over $500,000 (and that doesn’t include the Carlsbad or Irvine walks on previous weekends.)

I want to thank everyone who has supported us both this year and for the past six years. Without your donations all the walking wouldn’t mean much.

Thanks again!

Here is a link to the photos from the walk:

2008-04-26 MS Walk

p.s. It’s never too late to donate, just click here!


First Anniversary!

May 12, 2008

Almost lost in all of the excitement of April was the fact that my beautiful wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since the big day. Since we’re not quite ready to leave our baby to go out on the town to party, we just stayed at home and Debbie cooked a fabulous dinner. We were brave enough to sample the wedding cake we have been saving in our freezer all year:

Surprisingly, it was still pretty tasty even after a year in the deep freeze. Unfortunately, I don’t think the same can be said for Debbie’s Bouquet, which has been hanging up drying out for the past year:

And since we never did get to eat any of the chocolate peanut butter section of our wedding cake, Debbie got us an anniversary cake from the same bakery (and I replaced her flowers with some new roses):

For those of you who missed the pictures from a year ago here is a link to the pictures I took:

2007-04-14 Wedding

And here is a link to the professional photos for anyone who has the free time to go through all 1153 of them!

Finally I want to thank Debbie for being the best wife (and mother!) ever! Thank you for such a great year and for the next 80 to come!