Stop, it’s the Police!

June 15, 2008

The band that is.  On May 26th we managed to get out for our first real night away from Sophie since she was born.  I had gotten Debbie concert tickets to the Police back on our anniversary in April.  Our good friends Kandice and Mike live down by the concert venue and agreed to look after our little treasure while we were at the show. 


The trip to the show was the standard traffic and parking hassle, and the drinks were ridiculously over-priced, but at least they give you plenty:



The opening act was Elvis Costello, who put on a decent show, although it was tough to see since it was still light out and the video screens weren’t bright enough to compensate.  Sting came out and sang one song with Elivs, which was pretty cool.  Although it took a few minutes to realize it was him since he has grown out this scruffy grey beard and looks a little like the guy asking for loose change at the intersection down by my office.



The Police played all of their classics in a really good show.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but I don’t think the crowd would have been very happy if Sting got up to the mike and said “Were going to play a few songs off of Stewart Copeland’s new solo album…..”


All things considered it was a great show and it was great to be able to go out as grown ups again for a change, but we did miss our little Sophie (She on the other hand was sleeping quite soundly when we got back!)


Thanks again Kandice and Mike, we’ll be happy to repay the favor someday 😉


Here is the link to the full album:

2008-05-26 The Police



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  1. […] It seems like we just saw them, but I guess it was actually the end of May when we went to see the Police.  They were amazed at how much Sophie has grown since then.  I guess seeing her every day […]

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