Fiesta Del Sol

June 27, 2008

On June 7th we went up to Temecula to meet Joy and Rich for dinner and a little wine tasting.  They have a membership at the Ponte winery they wanted to renew (I couldn’t remember if I had been to Ponte before until we got inside, and then it all came back to me.)  The restaurant at the winery was very nice (although the gnocchi was a little weak).  Someone was having their wedding there at the same time we were having dinner, so we entertained ourselves by critiquing the guests fashion choices.

On Sunday we headed up to Solana Beach for the Fiesta Del Sol:

It’s basically just a street fair with the usually vendor booths, rides, music and food of questionable nutritional value (mmmmm deep-fried twinkies!).  Of course the fact that it’s right at the beach is a nice bonus:

Sophie spent most of the afternoon napping in her stroller, so we bought her a cute hat:

Here is a link to the full album:

208-06-07 Fiesta Del Sol

One comment

  1. That little girl is just TOO cute! Love the new hat. Girl hats are so sweet 🙂 And, it’s not fair that Sophie is such a good napper!!! You guys are lucky!

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