Rollin at the Zoo

July 27, 2008

On July 20th we met up with Patty, Warren and their son Matthew and Kelly, Carl and their daughter Addison to go to the Zoo.  Sophie is a zoo regular by now, in fact she had just been there earlier in the week with Debbie and some of the other baby group moms.  Here are the kids lined up in their strollers waiting to go in:

Here’s Sophie doing her best impression of an 80-year old grandma:

Kelly, Carl and Addison have a little lunch:

And Matthew has his lunch too:

They do this cool new thing at the zoo now.  At the front part of the zoo near the flamingos they take a cage of Macaws up about 30 feet high over the crowds.  Then they open the cage and the Macaws swoop down and fly all the way across the front area of the zoo, then fly off back to their exhibit.  Pretty cool to watch, and amazing they don’t just fly away.

We also spent time at reptile mesa, gorilla tropics, flamingo lagoon and hippo beach.

After the Zoo we went down to see Kandice and Mike.  It seems like we just saw them, but I guess it was actually the end of May when we went to see the Police.  They were amazed at how much Sophie has grown since then.  I guess seeing her every day it’s harder to notice how much she has changed.

Here’s Sophie in her new chair.  It’s great because she can sit up all by herself in it.  She really seems to like it.  (Thanks Joan Marie!)

She can even sit at the table with us now.

And, as always, I’ll leave you with some cute pictures of Sophie.

Here’s the link to the full album:

2008-07-20 Zoo

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