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Quality Time With Vim

August 9, 2008

Debbie’s friend Vim was in town this weekend for a wedding with her husband, Joe and daughter, Violet. On Friday everyone got together. Vim and Debbie used to work together, and Vim has since moved to Florida. Violet was born on March 15th, one week after Sophie. This is Debbie and Vim last December:

Now here they are with their new babies:

Remember, Violet is one week younger than Sophie. (Don’t worry Sophie, you’ll get big someday!)

Also this week we finally made room to assemble Sophie’s activity center. She took to it right away and loves to play with all the little gadgets.

She has also figured out how to flip over by herself. And apparently prefers to sleep on her tummy because that’s how we find her every morning now. She has also figured out how to find her pacifier and put it back in her mouth by herself. Which is great because that means we don’t have to get up to do it!

And, as always these days, we love bath time. Especially since Mama bought us some rubber duckies to play with!

Here is a link to the full album:

2008-08-08 Quality Time with Vim

Elizabeth’s Birthday

August 9, 2008

Our good friend Joe threw a surprise 30th birthday party for his wife Elizabeth on August 2nd.  Unfortunately our friend Dawn’s bridal shower was at the same time, So Debbie and I had to divide and conquer.  I took Sophie and went over to Elizabeh and Joe’s house while Debbie went to the shower.  (She did manage to join us later in the afternoon, so she didn’t miss everything)

Joe took Elizabeth out on Friday night for dinner and spent the night on a friend’s sailboat (read all about it on their blog).  At first Elizabeth was a little disappointed to not have all her friends and family there for her birthday, but by the time they headed home on Saturday she suspected something was up.  And of course when they got to the house they came in through the garage, making it hard for us to all yell surprise from the living room!

As usual these days there were dozens of babies running around causing chaos. (ok, maybe not dozens.  And maybe they weren’t running.  But there was definitely some crawling going on!)  It’s amazing what a difference a few weeks makes.  We were just at Elizabeth and Joe’s for the Fourth of July, and in the month since then they’ve had to totally baby proof their living room, removing anything breakable below 3 feet and padding all of the corners on the coffee table.  I guess that means we have about three more months before we have to do the same!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!  Thanks for letting us be part of your big day!

Here is a link to the full album:

2008-08-02 Elizabeth Birthday

Sophie Goes Swimming!

August 5, 2008

Ok, maybe “dunking” is a better description, but either way she did seem to really enjoy the experience.  She was in the water for probably 15 minutes with both Debbie and myself.

Our friends Elizabeth and Joe have their son Nicholas in swim lessons, and we are thinking about signing Sophie up when we get back from our trip to Boston.

Here’s a link to some video, but I haven’t been able to get it to work very well.  If I come up with a better solution I’ll post something else later.

Here’s the full album:

2008-07-27 Sophie Pool

Visitors in July

August 5, 2008

Debbie’s Mom came out to visit us at the end of July.  She was in Las Vegas for a conference and decided to extend her trip and spend some time with her new granddaughter in San Diego.

She spent most of the week hanging out with Debbie and Sophie, just enjoying Sophie’s normal routine.  They did go out to lunch with the Hansons one day:

We also enjoyed a visit from our friend Jen.  She hadn’t gotten a chance to visit with Sophie yet, so it was really great to be able to spend some time with her.

Here’s the full album with a few more pictures:

2008-07-21 Visitors

Nerdfest 2008

August 5, 2008

On July 23rd I headed down to Balboa Park for a teambuilding event with all of my coworkers.  We had a little lunch and then playing boccie, throwing the football and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  (We don’t get a lot of that trapped in our little cubicles all week long!)

Of course the main event of the day was the Star Trek exhibit at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

They had a wide assortment of different props and sets from the various Star Trek series.  They even had a replica of the bridge from the original Enterprise where you could have your picture taken (for a small fee of course).  As you can imagine it was nerd heaven.

Here is a link to the full album for those of you who haven’t lost interest already:

2008-07-23 Star Trek