Sing & Play and Sun & Fun

September 22, 2008

On Friday, September 5th, we started the day over at Elizabeth and Joe’s house for a Sing and Play session.

Maybe I should back up and explain how this came to be.  Debbie used to go to a breast feeding support group every Friday.  Well, as the kids have gotten older many people have felt less of a need to go to the support group, but still wanted to get together socially.  And since my beautiful wife has an unparalleled knowledge of kids songs and activities, they elected her to lead the group.  So Elizabeth volunteered her house and about 15 moms and their kids swarmed in to learn some new songs, a little sign language and some arts and crafts.  (Joe and I made our escape to Phil’s BBQ for lunch.  We didn’t want to be in the way.  Yeah, that’s it.)

So here’s a picture of the group (and that’s not even everyone who was there:

After the sing and play, some of us headed out to La Jolla to have a little bbq at the beach.  Here are some pictures of us hanging out:

Sophie can finally stay sitting up for extended periods, so I decided to have a little photo session:

Ok, so their topless.  It was an artistic choice.  (And I’m sure she’ll love it when I show them to her prom date in about 17 years!)  Nicholas wanted to get in on the action too:

And to top off the day Sophie got to go into the ocean for the first time.  She seemed to really enjoy the sand and the waves:

Finally the sun set and it was time to go home:

Click HERE for a link to the full album.

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