Sharon Comes to Visit (and Everything Else We Did This Week!)

September 27, 2008

On September 7th we met up with Debbie’s friend Sharon. (She and Debbie used to work together in Germany, and Sharon has just moved back to Colorado.) She was in town for a wedding on Saturday, but she had some free time on Sunday morning so we met her down in Point Loma for breakfast.

Here’s a picture of Sharon getting to meet Sophie for the first time:

And here’s a group photo of us at the restaurant:

After breakfast, Debbie, Sophie and Sharon went down to Cabrillo National Monument to play tourist until Sharon’s flight took off.

Going back in time one day, we had dinner at Niki and Rick’s on Saturday. We hadn’t planned anything but we both wound up with no plans, so we invited ourselves over for dinner. Not too many exciting pictures, but for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, here’s one showing how Courtney has suddenly turned into and adult! (Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen to Sophie)

Here are a few random pictures from this week’s swim class. None of Sophie because I can’t swim and take pictures at the same time, but here are some of our classmates:

And after we got home from class Sophie was still a little damp, so we threw her in the dryer to dry her out. (Don’t worry, we used the permanent press cycle!)

Here’s a nice picture of Sophie and Kona hanging out together:

And here I am teaching Sophie how to do the blog. Another couple of weeks and she’ll be doing all of the posts.

On Wednesday our friend Shannon and her daughter Julia came over to go swimming and have dinner. We let Julia use Sophie’s high chair and put Sophie in the Bumbo.

Julia is about 6 months older than Sophie, so it was a bit eye opening for us to have her running around the house. It showed us we have quite a bit of child-proofing to do before Sophie figures out how to walk.

Finally, here’s a picture of Kona, since she doesn’t get much attention these days. She has been great with Sophie so far, but I’m afraid once Sophie can walk she’s going to terrorize the poor kitty.

Click below for a link to the full album.

2008-09-07 Sharon Visits

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