Happy Hanukkah!

February 5, 2009

Since Hanukkah didn’t start until after we were planning on leaving town, we decided to celebrate it early. So we invited Niki, Rick, Courtney and Luke over for latkes and the lighting of the menorah. (I have recently discovered that donuts (sufganiot) are a traditional Hanukkah food. Where were the donuts?!?!?)

Anyway…to back up a little, we started the weekend at a Christmas party given by our friends Holger and Siobhan (We met them through our friends Kandice and Mike who were there too.) They have a new baby as well, so there were quite a few kids at the party.

Here’s a picture of Siobhan and Mike holding the kids.

Kandice shares her pretzels.

Sophie wears her new Christmas outfit (Thanks Nana!)

The next day we spent most of the day baking treats to give out as gifts. We made cookies and chocolate peanut butter balls. (Of course after we finished dipping the peanut butter balls, we had to run around finding other things to dip in the leftover chocolate!)

Finally, back to the latke making.

Courtney tries her hand at feeding Sophie.

The whole gang at the dinner table.

Debbie lights the menorah and explains the meaning of Hanukkah to us.

Hanukkah Harry stopped by and left some presents for the kids.

Aunt Niki reads the kids a bedtime story.

Sophie hanging out with the Christmas mouse.

Sophie checks out her stocking…nothing yet!

Finally another bedtime story from Mom.

Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate!

Here is a link to the full album:

2008-12-14 Hannukah

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