Merry Christmas!

February 16, 2009

Ok, I know the title of this post is “Merry Christmas” but I have one last set of Hanukkah pictures to share.  On December 21st, we went over to Cousin Judy’s house to celebrate the actual beginning of Hanukkah.  Here Sophie models her “My First Hanukkah” bib.

Here we all are gathered around to light the menorah.

The next morning was our last morning at home before leaving for Boston, so we had our own little family Christmas morning. It looks like Santa came and filled up our stockings!

Finally it was time to get on the plane to visit Nana and Grampy. We managed to escape just in time, as you can see by the rain outside.

We had a layover in Denver, and since Sophie had been cooped up for a few hours she needed to stretch her legs. So, as much as it pained us, we let her crawl around a bit. (Builds up the immune system, right?)

Finally we arrived in Boston. And what’s the first thing we did you ask? Give Sophie a bath of course!

Sophie wasted no time exploring Nana and Grampy’s house, since she is a bit more mobile than the last time we were here. Her favorite game was to open up Nana’s dish towel drawer and empty all of the towels onto the floor.

Finally Christmas Eve arrived. Here Sophie models the new Santa hat that Auntie Erin got for her.

Sophie also got a present from Nana – The Night Before Christmas. Traditionally Nana reads this story to all the kids on Christmas Eve, and this year Sophie got to be part of the fun.

Finally everyone was off to bed. And since everyone was good this year Santa came by and dropped off some presents. Here Sophie checks out what she got in her stocking.

Looks like Santa knows who Sophie’s favorite team is.

Are these all for me?!?

Which one should I open first?

After opening the presents and having a little breakfast, we hopped in the car and headed over to Uncle Brian and Aunt Karen’s house for the afternoon.

Uncle Stephen and Aunt Amy were there too.

After opening more presents and eating more food, we ended the afternoon playing guitar hero, since apparently everyone but us got a wii for Christmas this year.

Finally, after a long exhausting day our little peanut drifted off to sleep. (Ok maybe not “drifted”. Maybe “cried hysterically until we let her sleep in our bed.” But either way it’s a cute picture!)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. More details on what we did the rest of the time in Boston will be included in upcoming posts.

Here is a link to the full album with lots more pictures and details:

2008-12-25 Christmas

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