The Rest of the Story…Part 2

February 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

For New Year’s Eve we kept it pretty calm. We went up to my brother Brian’s house, who lives about two blocks away from my parents. He and his wife Karen were having a few of their friends over along with Debbie and I and my other brothers. Here is a picture of all the girls together (Sophie was asleep in her pack and play by this point).

There were the usual festivities with food and drinks (you can guess how many from the pictures below).

My mom volunteered to keep an eye on Sophie, so we brought her back down to my parents house around 11 o’clock, tucked her in to her crib there, and then headed back up the street to ring in the new year!

Jill and Rich

We went over to visit Jill and Rich in their new apartment on New Year’s Day.  We spent most of the afternoon just haning out, having lunch and playing the Wii (yes, they got a Wii for Christmas too!)  And Jill finally convinced Debbie to sign up for Facebook, so if you’re one of them you can go look her up now.

Taking Down the Tree

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Christmas and take down the tree.   Here Sophie shows us how to inspect the lights for wear and tear.

Here I demonstrate the use of the traditional yuletide tree-lopers to help take down the tree.

Aunt Iris and Uncle Bill

On January 3, we went to visit Debbie’s Aunt Iris and Uncle Bill, who live in Massachusetts as well.  Her cousin Miriam and her husband Nate were there as well.  We went over there for dinner, and hung out for as long as we could until Sophie needed to get some sleep.

Here Sophie shows us how she does yoga.

And shows off her musical talent.

Visiting with Camille

My mother’s friend Camille came over to visit with Sophie for a little while.  She brought Sophie the cutest little stuffed pig, who Sophie still loves to cuddle with to this day.

Visiting with Tiffany

We also went to visit Debbie’s friend Tiffany.  She and Debbie used to teach together in California before Debbie moved to Japan.  She now lives in Massachusetts and has four kids. We spent the afternoon hanging out and learning about the chaos having four kids leads to!

Debbie shows off how her light saber skills have developed, thanks to her training with Luke.

And here is the whole gang.

Aunt Claire and Aunt Elaine

My Aunt Claire and Aunt Elaine came over to say goodbye to Sophie before we headed out of town.

Heading Home

Finally, after two weeks away from San Diego, it was time to head home. Here we are putting Sophie into her box so we can ship her home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough stamps, so we had to take her on the plane with us. Here we are waiting in Logan Airport for our flight.

And here we are on the plane. Sophie is excited because she has just spotted some passengers she can spend the next three hours annoying.

We stopped over in Chicago, and here Debbie and Sophie pose in front of the dinosaur skeleton inside the terminal.

Here we are on the moving sidewalk between terminals.

Some shots from our flight to San Diego.

Finally we made it home and could let Sophie out of her suitcase.

Well, that’s it for our trip to Boston. Thanks for your patience in waiting for me to get this all posted.  Happy New Year!

Here is a link to the full album:

2008-12-26 Christmas Week

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