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Getting Ready for Hanumas

February 4, 2009

After surviving our journey to the Midwest for Thanksgiving, it was time to start preparing for the next big holiday- Hanumas! Yes, around here we get to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. We do our best to highlight the best parts of each.

Here Sophie helps hang her first Hanumas decoration on the tree.

And here she is helping me hang the dreidels on the tree (I told you we try to combine the two holidays!)

We decided to keep the decorating level to a minimum this year, since we’ll be in Boston for two weeks.  But we do have enough stockings, menorahs, and twinkle lights to give Sophie a taste of the holiday season.

Here’s a link to the full album:

2008-12-07 Hanumas Decorating

Thanksgiving Leftovers

February 3, 2009

Why must they embarrass me so?


Happy Thanksgiving! (American This Time)

February 2, 2009

As has been the tradition for the last few years, we headed off to the Midwest to celebrate thanksgiving (American this time, not Canadian!)  As usual, we flew into Minneapolis and crashed with Dale and Jess.

Since we flew in on a Monday night, we only stuck around long enough for breakfast on Tuesday and then drove over to Wausau.  The drive is about three hours, and thankfully Sophie is a great car traveller and slept the whole way.

The weather was generally sunny, although the temperatures were in the 20’s.  We spent a little time sightseeing in downtown Wausau (yes it is that small.)

Thanksgiving dinner was just a small group this year: Us, Debbie’s mom, her brother and his kids.

Sophie was really hungry so she ate a lot of turkey.

After dinner we needed to move around a bit, so we walked down to the local park for a little fresh air.

The next day we went over to the local art museum to take in some culture.

They had a really nice “hands-on” section for the kids.

We had gone to this same museum back in 2005 when I flew out to WI to meet Debbie’s mom for the first time. Here we are in front of the same statue in 2005 and 2008.

Here’s a nice picture of all three generations.

On Saturday, we drove back to Minneapolis to spend the weekend with Dale and Jess. We mainly just spent the weekend hanging out. The girls drank their coffee in the living room watching The Devil Wears Prada while the men stayed in the kitchen, brewing beer and smoking meat.

It did snow overnight while we were there, so we dressed Sophie up in her pink bunny suit and she got to play in the snow for the first time.

And of course one of Sophie’s favorite parts about our visit was playing with Smithers and Quimby.

Finally it was time to fly home to San Diego to defrost. Thanks Grammy and Dale and Jess for everything you did to make Sophie feel at home and have a great Thanksgiving!

Here’s a link to the full album:

2008-11-27 Thanksgiving

Jennifer and Tre Get Married

February 1, 2009

On November 22nd, our friends Jennifer and Tre got married here in San Diego.  Jennifer and I were former co-workers at HSBC.  The wedding took place out in the Lake Murray/San Carlos area, which is about 20 minutes northeast of downtown San Diego.

Our friend Elizabeth (You remember Elizabeth, right?) was Jen’s Matron of Honor. Here Elizabeth and Tre help Jen pin up her dress before they make their grand entrance.

The happy couple shows off their mad dance skills.

Here’s Debbie showing off the party favors. They took these little boxes, filled them with candy and tied a ribbon around them. Then they stacked all of the boxes in the middle of each table to serve as the centerpieces. Very smart!

Here’s a nice picture of Debbie and me.

A group shot of the Jen and Tre and Elizabeth and Joe.

Our friends Stefano and Angela made it down from their new home in Orange County.

Elizabeth managed to get Joe onto the dance floor. (Although I don’t think he actually danced 😉

Don’t forget the cake!

Debbie and Elizabeth.

Here we are with the beautiful bride.

Special thanks to Kandice and Mike for coming all the way up to our house to take care of Sophie for us. Here’s a picture of Sophie and Harmony getting to know each other. Thanks guys!

And here are some more pictures of Sophie for no particular reason.

Here’s a link to the full album:

2008-11-22 Jennifer and Tre Wedding