Sophie Gets on the Bike

March 10, 2009

For Christmas this year my brother and sister-in-law Steve and Amy gave us a gift card so we could get a bike seat for Sophie.  I already had the type I wanted in mind, and it finally arrived the last week in January.  It is the kind of seat that attached to the front end of the bike, right behind the handlebars.  I think this is better than the kind that attached to the rear of the bike, because now Sophie can see where we are going instead of looking at my butt all day.

We also went out and bought her a cute little bumblebee bike helmet.  It’s a little big but I think it will get the job done.

So on January 31st, we packed up the bikes and headed over to Lake Miramar to go for a little test ride. Here’s a picture of Sophie and me with the lake behind us.

Here’s a nice shot of all of us.

The next day we went down to Mission Bay for another ride. I think Sophie’s favorite part was watching all the ducks!

Here is a link to the full album:

2009-01-31 Sophie Bike Seat

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  1. You are a blogging machine! Nice work 🙂

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