Balboa Park

March 31, 2009

On February 8th we decided it was too nice a day to stay home, so we packed up the family and headed down to Balboa Park to go exploring.  We didn’t really have a destination in mind, just some aimless wandering.

Our first stop was at the organ pavilion.  They have a free concert every Sunday afternoon, and we just happened to be walking by when the show started, so we stopped to listen for a while.

Sophie had a grand time running up and down the aisles waving at total strangers.

We then wandered over the Laurel Street bridge to the west side of the park.

Here’s the view north from the bridge.

Our next stop were the Lawn Bowling fields. Lawn bowling is just like bocce, only completely different. All the players dress completely in white. They take grapefruit size balls and roll them to the other end of the field, and the closest one to the target wins. The main difference from bocce as far as I can tell is that the balls are somewhat flattened on both sides, so they tend to curve at the end of the roll, breaking left or right.

And, of course, after a long day out exploring, you have to have a bath!

Later that week Sophie and I went walking down at Mission Bay with some of our friends. Here’s Julia and a friend in her stroller.

And here’s Samantha taking a little nap.

And here’s Joan Marie carrying Matthew.

On another day we went walking with Joe and Nicholas at Lake Murray, then went back to Joe’s house to hang out for a while. Here are some pictures of Sophie and Nicholas playing.

And finally, here’s Sophie hanging out at home, making herself comfortable in one of the baskets we keep her toys in.

Here’s a link to the full album:

2009-02-08 Balboa Park

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