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Sophie Gets Into Politics

March 10, 2009

Sophie was very excited for inauguration day.  She sat spellbound in front of the tv for hours, just waiting for the swearing in!

Ok, maybe not, but she’s still cute!


Matthew Turns One

March 10, 2009

On January 17th our friends Patty and Warren had a party to celebrate their son Matthew’s first birthday. They live about two miles away from us, and decided to have the party at the park which is right down the street from our house. (Keep an eye our for future posts, Sophie’s birthday party will be at the same park!)

Here’s a picture of our little family at the beginning of the party.

Sophie’s friend Addison was there too.

Sophie wasn’t really into the party hats.

Matthew digs into his cake while Patty and Warren watch.

Debbie and Sophie watch while Matthew has his cake.

Sophie wishes Matthew a happy birthday.

The day before the birthday party we met up with our friends Shannon and Dave and their daughter Julia down at Mission Bay to go for a walk and have a little picnic. Here Sophie and I try out her backpack carrier.

Here are Shannon, Dave, Julia and Debbie. You can see the Sea World tower in the background.

And Sophie and her mama having a laugh together.

Here is a link to the full album:

2009-01-19 Matthew Birthday

New Year Randomness

March 10, 2009

One of the first things we did upon our return from the East Coast was to un-decorate from Hanumas.  Un-decorating is never as exciting as decorating, but Sophie helped make it more fun.  Here Sophie shows us what she would look like if she were a Christmas tree.

Sophie has developed a habit of running her fingers through her hair after eating. Here is an extreme example of her hairstyling skills.

There was one Tuesday after we got back where Sophie had swim class and Debbie had the day off, so she was able to come with us to class and take some pictures.

Our friend Joan-Marie and her son Matthew have joined us for class this session. Here they are in the pool.

On January 14th, we had a beautiful sunny afternoon here in San Diego, so I took Sophie out into our “yard” for a little photo session. She brought out her own camera too so she could take my picture too!

And of course the most fun was when mama came home!

There’s a lot more pictures in the full album, so check them out!

2009-01-14 Sophie Outside

At the circus!

March 9, 2009

Our friends Kelly and Carl got Sophie tickets to the circus for her birthday, so that’s where we are tonight. It’s now intermission and I’m posting this from my phone. So far Sophie loves it, but it’s 8 pm so I don’t think she’ll last much longer!