Happy Valentine’s Day

April 1, 2009

On February 14th we got to celebrate Sophie’s first Valentine’s Day.  (Sadly, this will be the last of her firsts, since this coming St. Patrick’s Day will be her second.) Nana sent Sophie a very nice Valentine’s outfit to wear. Here she is modeling it while holding one of the flowers she and I got for her Mama.

We decided to avoid the Saturday night crowds by going out for lunch. Here we all are at Oggi’s, our favorite pizza place.

Here is a link to the full album:

2009-02-14 Valentines Day


  1. Hey,,,,,,,trying to get a hold of you…..my sister wants us to come to San diego this summer the first week of August and we would love to get with you all. Sophie is darling….I can’t believe she is now over a year…..time has flown. I heard you are going to Marnie’s wedding…you’ll have to represent us all. How are you all doing? Still miss you on the first grade hallway.

  2. Blogging from the Sharp’s….non-existent? Missing you guys!

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