Holden’s Birthday

May 21, 2009

On February 28th our friends Jay and Amy had a party to celebrate their son Holden’s second birthday. Although they live up in LA, Amy’s mother lives down here in San Diego, so they had the party at her house.

Here is a picture of Sophie and Holden together.

The theme for the party was “bugs”, and Sophie spent the whole day walking around with a plastic frog and lizard (Score – Tom Boy 1, Princess 0).

Courtney and Niki were there as well.

Our friend Denise was there as well.

Here is a picture of Debbie and Sophie with my friend Jenny. I was surprised to see her there since she lives up in Orange County now. We used to work together at HSBC a few years ago.

And, of course, I was there too.

While we generally don’t let Sophie have many sweets (at least until her first birthday), we decided it would be ok for her to cheat and have a bite of Holden’s cake.

On a separate note, Sophie received a neat birthday present from her Great Uncle Joe. He sent her a bracelet that used to belong to Sophie’s Great Grandmother Sophie, who she was named after. He also included a letter to Sophie documenting the bracelet’s origin and providing some interesting family history as well. Below are some pictures of Sophie modeling her present, which was then safely put away for a day in the future when she can truly appreciate it (and not just drool on it!).

P.S. If you’re reading this Uncle Joe, thanks for the great gift!

Here is a link to the full album.

2009-02-28 Holden Birthday

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