Crystal Cove State Park

September 3, 2009

On August 15 we to go for a drive up the coast to visit Crystal Cove State Part to meet up with our friends Shay and Eric and their kids. We decided on Crystal Cove because it is about halfway between our house in San Diego and theirs in Simi Valley, and it has several hiking trails and some nice beaches.

We started the day with a hike up into the canyon that is adjacent to the beach. It was a little hazy out but otherwise we had a great view of the ocean.

The first part of the trail was a fairly steep climb uphill, followed by an equally steep climb down another trail called “powerline” (see if you can figure out why), then at the bottom of the hill the trail headed back to the beach where we started.

We did run into a few examples of the local wildlife (no bears, but what can you do?)

All of the exercise and fresh air lead to some quality family bonding moments.

After working up a big appetite, we set up a little picnic at one of the tables on the bluff overlooking the ocean.

When lunch was over, we headed down the boardwalk and stairs to the beach below. There were some rocky tide pools on the beach that the kids had fun poking around in.

The fun at the tide pools pretty much came to an end when Brynn accidentally walked backwards into one and got soaked from head to toe. She didn’t seem to find it as amusing as the rest of us did.

After a few hugs and some time to dry off, she was back to having a good time.

Finally, it was time to leave the beach, grab a quick nap in the car, and head to our second destination of the day. (More on that in the next post…)

Here is a link to the full album:

2008-08-15 Crystal Cove


  1. What effect did you use on that first picture? Its really cool how things are out of focus except for the center.

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