From Shamu to the Zoo

November 2, 2009

Since we’ve had a little extra free time on our hands lately, we’ve made several visits to both Sea World and the Zoo. Sophie is fascinated by the animals and the shows.

She also really likes the rides at Sea World. She’s not big enough for most of them, but they do have a couple in the Bay of Play area that she can go on. Of course the fact that they have Elmo on them is simply a bonus.

But her true favorite is the Shamu show. She will sit there enthralled throughout the whole show, cheering right along with the crowd.

Sophie also likes the zoo. Especially the gorillas.

In one of those weird coincidences, we ran into Sophie’s friend Julia. At first we were concerned she had been kidnapped from Shannon and Dave, but it turns out she was just their with her babysitter.

Sophie also liked the petting zoo, at least a little bit.

Finally, it was time to get in the car and head home.

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