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Party for a Star!

June 27, 2011

You may remember when the newest member of our family arrived in our lives. Well, that tiny little baby is now a big one-year-old boy! And to celebrate we had a party for our star on Sunday.

Of course every birthday party needs a theme, and for Bryce it was a “Star Party“.  There were star sandwiches, star fruit, star cookies and cupcakes, and …..

A star birthday cake!

Bryce dug right in. He loved it!

It was our friend Dennis’ birthday as well, and he decided to eat his cake “Bryce Style” as well.

Bryce was very happy to share with everyone else too.

But eventually he had to give in and call for the check.

After a quick rinse, he was ready to go back to the party!

Thanks to everyone for helping Bryce to celebrate his first birthday!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!

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2011-06-26 Bryce First Birthday